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Fighting Pipelines Is Now Dangerous

23 Mar

Manatee photo by Jill Yelverton

Pipeline Resistance Dangers and Quashing Dissent in Florida–Why We Must Stop Sabal Trail Anita Stewart / Deep Green Resistance Florida The pipeline broke ground the first week of September 2016. Despite recent articles making it sound like they just began construction, according to some accounts the pipeline is 90-95% complete. The plans for this pipeline […]

May Day or Mayday?

14 May

Chris Byron // Deep Green Resistance Orlando May Day is one of the last vestiges of worker solidarity in the United States. Initially the holiday was a left-wing celebration of union organizing, and a protest against the state for executing seven innocent anarchists. Both are on the decline. Union membership in the United States has […]

Unsustainable Sustainability

16 Feb

The following piece was written by DGR Orlando member Chris Byron and appears in the February 2012 issue of  “Sounds of a Democratic Society.” It is the first submission of what will be regular (monthly) submissions to the local zine by DGR Orlando members. The mainstream media has an innate modus operandi of only reporting what […]