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“Stand with me. Stand and fight. I am one, and we would be two. Two more might join and we would be four. When four more join we will be eight. We will be eight people fighting whom others will join. And then more people. And more. Stand and fight.”
—Derrick Jensen

Choice between Aboveground and Underground

Broadly speaking, aboveground groups do not carry out risky illegal actions, and are organized in ways that maximize their ability to use public institutions and communication structures. Underground groups exist primarily to carry out illegal or repressed activities and are organized in ways that maximize their own security and effectiveness. Every budding activist must choose between working aboveground or underground, as a strict firewall must exist between the two. The Deep Green Resistance movement, including Deep Green Resistance Florida, is an aboveground movement. If your desire is to work underground, do not contact us. 

If you’re interested in working aboveground as part of Deep Green Resistance Florida, please read and follow the steps below:

Go to the following page and follow the instructions for the reading assignments and fill out the questionnaire.

It should be noted that one does not need to be a member of Deep Green Resistance Florida to volunteer, offer support, or be an ally. There are many ways that you can be involved and help the movement as a whole and our action group, so please get in touch if this describes you.

See more at the following page:


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