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Hydraulic Fracturing or Fracking in Florida and Citizens’ Efforts to Stop It (Audio)

21 Sep

IMAGE SOURCE: Anita Stewart

On MidPoint we looked at hydraulic fracturing in Florida and citizens’ efforts to stop it; joining us on the phone from southwest Florida was Dr. Karen Dwyer, co-founder of the Stonecrab Alliance, an environmental advocacy group. Our in-studio guest was Jennifer Rubiello, state director of Environment Florida. Tuesday in Naples the Board of Collier County […]

Fracking in Southeast Florida

18 Jul


For folks on the east coast of Florida who have been watching the push for new oil drilling in the western Everglades – hold on to your hats. A new application just sent to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection would bring oil drilling to the Everglades of Broward County! Articles in the Miami-Herald and […]

Unsustainable Sustainability

16 Feb

The following piece was written by DGR Orlando member Chris Byron and appears in the February 2012 issue of  “Sounds of a Democratic Society.” It is the first submission of what will be regular (monthly) submissions to the local zine by DGR Orlando members. The mainstream media has an innate modus operandi of only reporting what […]