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We no longer have an active DGR chapter in Florida.

24 Aug


  Contact Deep Green Resistance if you would like to join us and change that. You can still connect with us on our Florida Facebook page or the DGR Southeast Facebook page by sending a message. Links are HERE and HERE.

Subscribe to DGR email lists for news & events

23 Jul

We’re improving some technical things on our end for blog subscriptions. To subscribe to news & events for this chapter and/or for our international lists, use the form in the sidebar, or browse all DGR lists. If you received this post by email, it means you’re subscribed via You’ll keep getting emails for regular […]

A planned REFUGE WORKER CENTER in St. Petersburg, Florida

22 Aug


Our Refuge Worker Center will be opening sometime in mid to late September 2015. We will be an organizing center for all who are committed to Revolutionary Change and ending all oppression and dismantling Capitalism. We will be organizing low wage and temporary workers, we will have a radical bookstore and library/reading room and computer […]

An Update

7 Feb

First of all, our apologies for not keeping this website regularly updated. As a matter of convenience, we’ve been organizing through facebook. However, as everyone does not have facebook, we will be making an effort to keep this site on pace with the facebook. Since our last published event on this site (End:Civ screen on Oct. […]