An Update

7 Feb

First of all, our apologies for not keeping this website regularly updated. As a matter of convenience, we’ve been organizing through facebook. However, as everyone does not have facebook, we will be making an effort to keep this site on pace with the facebook.

Since our last published event on this site (End:Civ screen on Oct. 17th), we’ve held a number of screenings and informal promotional outings. In general, we’ve focused our attention to recruitment and promotion of the DGR strategy. This month has marked the first contribution of regular, monthly, pieces to the local zine, “Sounds of a Democratic Society.” Thank you to Chris Byron for the submission (just shoot us an email if you would like a copy). Look out for next month’s contribution by Rachel Collins.

Recently, we took a group outing to Apopka to learn, in a bit more intimate detail, about the history of social and environmental injustice that has plagued the area’s most vulnerable (both human and nonhuman). Jeanie Economos of the Farmworkers Association of Florida was gracious enough to take us on an extensive tour of Lake Apopka (now an EPA superfund site–devastated by decades of pollution and peticide run-off) and the surrounding land. She explained the interconnection between the systematic exploitation of workers, women, land, and indigenous peoples groups. If there is a microcosm to explain the horrors of industrial agriculture and civilization, Apopka is it. We look forward to working with Jeanie and the Farmworkers Association.

Our next event is a joint event with the University of Central Florida chapter of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). We will be holding a joint panel discussion on “…the environment, politics, and capitalism” on Thursday, Feb. 23 in the UCF Student Union room 224. More information soon!

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