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Fighting Pipelines Is Now Dangerous

23 Mar

Manatee photo by Jill Yelverton

Pipeline Resistance Dangers and Quashing Dissent in Florida–Why We Must Stop Sabal Trail Anita Stewart / Deep Green Resistance Florida The pipeline broke ground the first week of September 2016. Despite recent articles making it sound like they just began construction, according to some accounts the pipeline is 90-95% complete. The plans for this pipeline […]

Swamped by rains, St. Pete dumps treated sewage into Tampa Bay

10 Aug


By Charlie Frago 8/10/15 ST. PETERSBURG— Faced with a wastewater system overwhelmed by weeks of torrential rainfall, the city dumped about 5.5 million gallons of treated sewage into Tampa Bay for eight hours beginning Sunday evening. The wastewater — everything from toilet sewage, sink drainage and rainwater — was treated at the Albert Whitted plant […]

The State of our “Drinking Water”

7 Feb

Recently, you may have noticed a sticker on many of the water fountains around the University of Central Florida campus with the stark warning: “Contains Violation Levels of Radium, Cadmium & other Carcinogenic Toxins…Yours, Deep Green Resistance Orlando.” The object in reference is the water. According to the Environmental Working Group (a registered non-profit group […]